Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Owner Ash Moore discovered there was a need for this service after deciding to include her dog in her wedding. The logistics proved to be more than a little challenging. This inspired what would become Black Dog & Company, an exclusive dog attendant service.

Black Dog & Company has a knowledge base that includes dog handling, fostering, volunteering with local dog rescue organizations. Rest assured - your dog is in top notch care.

Black Dog & Company is fully licensed and insured.

Black Dog & Company is first aid ready and certified through Pet Tech CPR and First Aid.



Ash Moore

Ash Moore is the owner of Black Dog & Company and is a Certified Wedding Planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). You can expect to see her at your wedding accompanying your dog when you book with Black Dog & Company.

Ash has always been the social coordinator for her friends and family and has applied these skills to planning her own wedding with one week notice in 2015. When planning an event Ash opts to source local and organic when possible and aims to reduce waste generated by an event. These are three core values she practices in her home.

When she isn’t planning events and making sure your dog’s needs are met at your wedding, you can find her touring a craft brewery, hanging out with her dog Morgan or attempting to knit.


Morgan Moore

Meet Morgan. He is Ash’s 100 lb lovebug, foster fail and inspiration behind Black Dog & Company. Morgan is a mutt; he's definitely part German Shepherd with a hint of Labrador, and possibly a pinch of Husky. But most importantly, he's a whole lot of fabulous! How could he not be with eyeshadow markings like his? Morgan greets every being with big tail wags and plenty of kisses to accompany each interaction. 

Morgan is a very special boy for another reason as well. During puppyhood it was discovered he had bilateral hip dysplasia, and at seven months old he underwent one of two surgeries to correct his hips at London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital. Extensive physiotherapy started after his surgeries at London Regional and, after a lot of hard work from Morgan and his humans, you would never guess that his life (and hips) could have been a lot more shaky. He's a real trooper!

Morgan, like thousands of black dogs, are given a bad rep based solely on their coat colour. In an adoption situation, it is statistically proven that black dogs are overlooked and spend upwards of four times as long in a shelter environment compared to their lighter coloured canine counterparts. At Black Dog & Company, we want to break down the Black Dog Syndrome stigma, by honouring one of our all-time favourite canines. We love you, Morgan!