5 alternative ways to incorporate your dog into your wedding!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Perhaps you have planned a destination wedding, or your dog cannot be in attendance due to health reasons. Your dog's mobility, age and anxiety are all key factors to consider! Black Dog & Company presents - five alternative ways to incorporate your beloved dog into your wedding day!

Have your cake and eat it too!

There are so many fantastic cake topper options available. Here is one that I liked

(because - labradors!) made by Plasticsmith, a maker on Etsy located in Roberts Creek, BC. Plasticsmith offers a wide variety of custom creations perfect for your wedding cake!

Signature cocktails - my favourite!

Do you love craft beverages almost as much as you love your dog? Pick your favourite local craft breweries or distilleries, collaborate with them to develop a couple of signature cocktails (beer cocktails do exist!). Name your cocktail creation after your pup (hint: gin is in! It is the roaring 20s after all!). Create a drink menu that fits in with your wedding theme or decor colours and voila! People will be toasting to your marriage and your dog! For great printable designs, check out OnionSisterCreative. They offer wedding invitations, exceptional stationery design and of course - the best bar menu designs!

Cocktail featured: Black Raspberry Gin Fizz (made by yours truly!)

Photography Credit: Constantine Photography

Table names and numbers

The decor pawsibilities with tables are endless! I’m guilty of getting sucked into the Pinterest wedding decor vortex on a biweekly basis.

Incorporating your dog into table decor:

● Table numbers paired with photos of your pup from your engagement session or from your dog’s Instagram (don’t deny it! I know your dog is on Insta!) to greet your guests when they arrive at their table.

● At your venue, present a table chart with dog breeds or dog names and all of the guest's names underneath.

● For a more minimalist table design approach, consider enlarged cut-outs of your dog's paw with the table numbers on them.

Props for photobooth

...who let the dogs out indeed!

If you plan to include a photo booth at your wedding reception festivities, create a lifesized cut out of your dog to join your wedding guests in the photo booth! Other options include dog-themed photo booth props such as various cut out dog ears and dog noses for your guests to wear.

Doggy Bags

Are your friends and family dog lovers? If so, this DIY meets an Instagram moment with a pinch of the feels. Assemble doggy bags from your pup with their favourite treats to your guests' dog. Doggy bags can also apply to cat lovers!

Kitty Bag & Dog Bags created by:

Cottrill Creative

Photography Credit: Love Sprouts Photography

There you have it, five alternative ways to include your dog in your wedding day! All of these ideas will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests, create great photo memories and allow you and your fiance to feel your dog’s presence in your dream wedding. These ideas can be used in conjunction with including your dog in your wedding. If that is the case, contact Black Dog & Company today to book a meet and greet and discuss how we can bring your dream of including your dog in your wedding - a reality.

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