Adrianne + Matt featuring Ramsey!

My first ever couple feature is on the blog today and I could not be more excited to share Adrianne and Matt's fun and beautiful wedding with their pup Ramsey! Adrianne and Matt had a fantastic ceremony officiated by Jeff Maeck at DTK Wedding Chapel at the beginning of June. There were many happy tears, fun moments and big smiles during the ceremony, Ramsey looked very handsome in his wedding bowtie and did an excellent job as ring bearer.

Ramsey is a 3-year-old mini Goldendoodle, with an incredibly soft butterscotch coat, a darling smile and he is extremely well trained (excellent job pawrents Adrianne and Matt!). Despite the warm temperatures, Ramsey was a trooper and throughout the wedding day and didn't stop smiling through after ceremony photos!

After Adrianne and Matt's wedding, I asked them a few questions about their wedding day and what is next in store for them.

What were some of your favourite moments from your wedding day?

The ceremony was really amazing! We arranged the whole thing in just the last few weeks, and it was so much fun. We were laughing, our guests were laughing and it exceeded both of our expectations. It was also so nice that our guests really enjoyed it - we had a few people tell us it was the best ceremony they had ever been to, so yay! It was also so great to have Ramsey there with us - thank you for making that possible, and also easy!

Do you have any advice for those planning their wedding?

We planned everything out for the last several years, and plans are great, but you’ve got to be prepared to pivot with short notice - especially during COVID. It was also a really good idea to have the contact sheet with all of the people involved (vendors, wedding party, bride/groom) - it came in handy for us. Overall, we would say, even though it seems like this might not be the best time, just do it! It was so far beyond our expectations and we had a really awesome day! If you have a dog, definitely include them and definitely have Ash help you!

Where do you plan to honeymoon?

We are now on plan #3 for our honeymoon! We are still going to head to Ireland when we are able, but we are going to head up to the Muskoka’s for a few days this week and stay at Deerhurst Resort! It should be nice and peaceful and relaxing!

What's next for you, Matt and Ramsey?

We love to be outdoors and go on walks, and thankfully, Ramsey does too! We will keep taking him to new places to explore nature. We also promised to get Ramsey a cottage, so we will have to somehow figure that out, too.

Photography credit: Emerald Studios

It was an incredible privilege to meet Adrianne, Matt and Ramsey!

I wish them all the happiness in the world!



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