Hot dog to happy dog, strategies to keep your dog cool on your wedding day!

Hello Summer, Hello Heatwave!

I will never complain about how hot it is, I love the summer! However, I am always worried about ensuring the comfort of my wedding dog clients and dog care pack!

Today I am covering strategies to keep your dog cool during your summer wedding.

On arrival, Tobi was excited to go for a walk before we moved into the festivities but clearly looked like a hot dog!

1. All the water. It is not unusual for me to pack two 1/2 gallon Coleman water thermos' plus a water bowl and three water bowls for a client pup on a wedding day. Though this might seem excessive, it has come in handy when a wedding is hosted on private property and water (and dog bowls) are not readily available. Your dog will likely have a water intake increase on your wedding day from all of the excitement and stimulation!

2. Frozen treats. From ice cubes, to frozen peanut butter kongs to fruit and yogurt frozen pup treats. I've done it all and this is a great option for a quiet activity for your dog during ceremony time!

3. Frozen bandanas. With every outdoor summer wedding I work, I always pack my client pups a couple of frozen bandanas in a cooler, packed with ice, water and treats. Frozen bandanas are a nice way to keep your dog cool after the ceremony and photos are done. One of my favourite after wedding moments with a client pup is putting a frozen bandana on them, loading them into the vehicle with the AC cranked and watching a happy and relieved grin spread across their face as we head for home or the kennel.

4. Cooling mat. This is a great investment for both home and wedding day use! There are several options on the market, please do your research as some require water to fill (which makes it very heavy, very fast!) and others are filled with gel (which may not be ideal if you have a chewer!). One of my goals for 2023 is to get one that is extremely lightweight and portable enough for me to add it to my emergency kit, wish me luck!

5. Air-Conditioning. Captain Obvious moment! But this is a friendly reminder to get your dog into the shade and in air conditioning as much as possible. I've encountered several wedding venues over the years that claim to be dog friendly but the dog is only allowed indoors in one small corner of the property. Usually close to an entrance/exit - not ideal! If your wedding is at a venue, please ask the management or venue coordinator what they can offer your pup in terms of a quiet air-conditioned space to ensure their comfort and your peace of mind.

Practicing our pre-ceremony pregame strategy in the AC. Tobi is suited up with the wedding rings attached to his collar.

He is looking cool and ready to look so cute for the ceremony.

After ceremony photography with Tobi's pawrents! Tobi was a hit at the wedding and was an extremely good boy for photos during such a hot day!

Pictured above: Tobi at his pawrents wedding, June 25, 2022.

Venue: Cellar 52 Photographer: Simply Wedding Photography

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