Four Legged Snap Shots: Must Have Photos of Your Dog on Your Wedding Day!

You hear everyone say it: Wedding days go by so fast. You've spent so long planning all of the details for your wedding day and you cannot imagine your fur baby not being there with you. You can't wait to have those photos of you with your dog, the photos every bride dreams of. But there's a problem, if you don't have a game plan to capture those perfect photos, those photos might end up completely overlooked.

-planning makes for perfection-

Dylan & Sandra Photography, like most professional wedding photographers, know the importance of having a plan in place. "It's so important to talk with your wedding day photographer about the photos that matter to you," says Sandra. If the photographers are doing a job well done, they are preparing for your wedding in advance and care about what matters to you. This way, you will get the most important photos, including wedding day photos of you and your dog. The first step to getting dog wedding photos is developing a schedule that can allow it to happen. Start with a fantastic timeline that gives you pockets of flex time. Sometimes wedding day schedules fall behind due to unforeseen issues. You will thank yourself when you have a timeline with breathing room. Here's an example of building a great wedding day timeline. When you combine a great timeline with having a wedding dog attendant that cares like Black Dog & Company, you are guaranteed to get your dream photos of you and your dog on your wedding day.

-the best dog wedding photos-

The following is a list of our top favourite shots to get with your fur baby. Make sure to share this blog with your photographer so that there's time in your schedule to make it happen!

-you and your dog during your getting ready-

You are getting photos of you and your bridal party getting ready. Now make sure to grab a shot of you and your dog at the start of your day too! There's so much anticipation and excitement when getting ready. Having your dog with you is the extra support (and cuddles) that every bride loves on her wedding day!

-your dog walking down the aisle-

Your dog deserves an aisle moment, too! There are so many creative ways to have your dog walk down the aisle. Whether your dog comes down the aisle with your maid of honour or is trailing behind your flower girl, you will want a shot of this!

-a family photo that includes your dog-

Pro tip: During family portraits, get all of the photos that include grandparents, family with special needs, and children first. Make sure to add your dog to that list, too! This is an excellent courtesy so that your elderly family members and dog don't have to wait as long and can rest soon after. How sweet is it have a photo of just the two of you with your dog!? It's your original family, and it's a wedding photo that you will love forever.

-portraits of your dog-

Chances are, your dog is going to be all dressed up too! Whether they are sporting a bowtie, a cute bandana, or a floral collar, make sure that your photographer gets a photo of just them. This portrait will be a perfect addition to your home and a treasured photo for years to come.

I hope you've loved this blog! As a wedding dog attendant, I always make sure to coordinate with your wedding photographers to ensure you get the photos that you love. If you are looking for a wedding dog attendant, I would love to help you! If you are looking for a photographer who loves your fur baby just as much as you do, I can't recommend Dylan and Sandra photography enough! They are talented published natural light photographers. They are big into capturing your favourite candid moments with your loved ones, including your fur baby! Dylan & Sandra Photography is based in London and services weddings all across southwestern Ontario, including Toronto weddings, Niagara weddings, and weddings across the Kitchener and Waterloo region. Not only will they capture photos for you to treasure, but they are dog lovers too! You can learn more about them at their website at

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