Home is where the dogs are.

In 2019, Black Dog & Company launched with the initial goal of serving clients who wanted to include their dog in their wedding day. The idea formed five years prior when I struggled to find a care plan and a way to incorporate my dog at my wedding. Since then, Black Dog & Company has designed all services around one-on-one dog care for busy clients in varying life stages. Now, Black Dog & Company is offering a truly unique service for dog owners who have listed their house on the real estate market and are unable to retrieve their dog from their home when a prospective buyer views their property. Black Dog & Company presents - real estate dog care.

Real estate dog care services are available during the day, evening and some weekends to the residents of London, Ilderton, Ailsa Craig, Lucan, St.Marys and Exeter. When you book with Black Dog & Company, we are on standby for your dog to ensure their comfort and care while a prospective buyer views your house.

This exclusive service is divided into two packages. The House Showing package includes Black Dog & Company picking up your dog from your residence fifteen minutes before the home viewing appointment. A minimum thirty-minute dog walk, transportation (if necessary), a relief break, a water break and playtime upon returning home to ensure your dog is comfortable and settled back into your house. The Open House package includes a quick tidy up of any dog possessions (water bowls, dog toys, dog beds or blankets), cleaning of dog poop from the backyard, dog pick up before the start of the open house, a minimum 45-minute dog walk, transportation (if needed), relief break, water break and playtime upon returning home.

Black Dog & Company is only taking a few clients at a time for real estate dog care services to ensure prompt response time in the event that a house showing is booked with only a few hours notice. To book your prime seat for these services, click the meet and greet button at the bottom of this page! We will book a meet and greet to discuss your dog’s needs, location of dog care items, and scheduling needs. Black Dog & Company is proud to offer real estate dog care for you and your dog!

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Dog featured: BIS GCH Goldpaw’s Snap To It from Krowninglory Goldens, "Hudson".

Photography Credit: Danielle Mahoney Photography