Review: South Huron Trail

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Spring is here! Though you wouldn’t think so with all of the rain we have experienced over the past couple of weeks. With the spring thaw comes the resurgence of hiking enthusiasts out to enjoy fresh air, shake of some winter weight and take in some sights and sounds of nature.

We recently went out to one of our favourite trails in Exeter - The South Huron Trail. This trail is part of a system of trails and located near 71108 Morrison Line in Exeter. The South Huron trail is considered an all season trail however with Morgan’s hips my husband and I prefer to use it for three seasons. In previous years it was a Sunday morning habit for us to venture up to the trail before heading to the lake for a swim. It was the perfect combination of activity and relaxation needed to recharge our batteries for the upcoming work week and always lead to very happy dogs and long post adventure nap time.

The South Huron trail combines two trails: the MacNaughton-Morrison Trail and the Morrison Dam Conservation Area. Trail loops vary from 2 km to 8 km in length and depending on your schedule you could spend anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple of hours exploring this these trails. The MacNaughton-Morrison trail features a boardwalk section over slightly marshy areas and is wheelchair accessible. Throughout both trails there are landmarks indicating educational points about the trail; identifying various tree species and wildlife through QR codes and plaques placed at ground level. You can also search for the illusive white squirrel of Exeter!

During our walk at the Morrison Dam Conservation Area we noticed some renovations were completed including the installation of new pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the dam and the addition of a new staircase and look out at a steep hill that in the past was a bit tricky to navigate. Overall the trails are well groomed and there is some variable gradient. In addition to hiking, the South Huron Trail is a wonderful spot for family picnics, an easy canoe or kayak adventure, geocaching (one of our favourite activities!) and the photography potential for engaged couples is fantastic!

During this particular visit my husband’s interest was peaked when he discovered there is a fishing derby on May 4th from 8 am to noon. The derby is sponsored by the Exeter Lions Club and Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation. If you are interested in participating please see the attached link

We were delighted to head back to the South Huron Trail, especially after looking at the new renovations. It is obvious the locals take pride in supporting this trail and the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority does a wonderful job maintaining the area.

Over the course of the summer Black Dog & Company looks forward to posting a blog series featuring trails in and around London. Where are some of your favourite places to take your dog for a hike? We would love to hear from you! Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram (@blackdogandcompanyca) or by email (

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